Illinois Health Officials Find Rat Poison in Synthetic Cannabis

Last week, several people suffered severe bleeding after consuming synthetic cannabis. In an update on the same story, Illinois health officials find rat poison in synthetic cannabis. To date, 38 people have been hospitalized, and one person has died from this batch of synthetic weed. Three cases have tested positive for rat poison.
What Happened Last Week
Last week, we reported that six people in Illinois were hospitalized for synthetic weed, otherwise known as K2 or Spice. As of Saturday, this number has climbed to 38, all of whom have been hospitalized.
To date, one person has died from bleeding as a result of ingesting synthetic weed. Officials have not released their identity to the press.
All these cases occurred in Northern Illinois. Most instances occurred in Chicago, Cook, Peoria and Tazewell Counties. Authorities have reported that the first case dates from March 7.
Synthetic Weed Is A Serious Health Threat
Excessive bleeding is the main symptom. In an official statement, the Illinois Department of Public Health explains, “All cases have required hospitalization for symptoms such as coughing up blood, blood in the urine, severe bloody nose, and/or bleeding gums.”
Marijuana, as we known it, contains cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, that interact with the human endocannabinoid system. This is why cannabis can improve your mood or relieve pain.
By contrast, synthetic weed contains chemicals that bind to cannabinoid receptors. These interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, with potentially life-threatening results. Synthetic weed can cause seizures, heart attacks, kidney failure and bleeding, as seen in Illinois.
Per Illinois Director of Illinois Department of Public Health Dr. Nirav D. Shah, “Despite the perception that synthetic cannabinoids are safe and a legal alternative to marijuana, many are illegal and can cause severe illness.”
What Healthcare Officials Found In Synthetic Weed
Illinois Health officials find rat poison in synthetic cannabis in three of the cases. As reported by the Illinois Department of Public Health, “Three of these cases have tested positive for brodifacoum, a lethal anticoagulant often used as a rodenticide, or rat poison.”
Health Officials are warning consumers against synthetic weed, which is commonly available due to lack of regulation. Since the chemicals in synthetic weed can vary, some brands are able to shirk legal restrictions.
Not only are these chemicals produced in factories subject to few regulations but they can literally contain anything, including rat poison.
Final Hit: Illinois Health Officials Find Rat Poison in Synthetic Cannabis
The Illinois Police Department is cracking down on synthetic weed distribution. So far, the police have closed one store in Lawndale for selling synthetic cannabis.
Officials are also attempting to find the source for this particularly dangerous batch of synthetic weed.
This isn’t the first time that someone has died from synthetic weed. Last month, a 14-year-old boy died from Spice in the UK. Three U.S. soldiers have also died from consuming synthetic weed.
It’s time to regulate synthetic cannabis, give people access to all-natural marijuana and educate everyone on the difference between the two.
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