Strangers Pass Around A Joint On The New York City Subway

New Yorkers tend to pride themselves on having seen it all. But seeing strangers pass around a joint on the New York City subway is something even life-long city slickers can’t say they’ve seen. More than once, anyway.
We all have our differences. It’s human nature. Whether it’s politics, sports or just a standard code of ethics, people will find a way to split hairs. However, there are times when, despite our differences, we can band together and put our disagreements aside.
For most of us, it’s when weed comes into the picture.
Any smoker will tell you that marijuana can act as a unifying force for varying individuals who happen to love the act of toking. And perhaps there is no greater example than a touching moment caught on a New York Subway yesterday, where a group of cranky commuters passed around a joint to take a little bit of the edge off.
They were once strangers. Now they are bonded for life.
A Bond That Can’t Be Broken
The footage, captured by a fellow New York commuter, first depicts a man smoking a joint in plain view. As the video pans to the man, another voice, which serves as the narration of the video, is heard in the background.
“Everybody having a tough day. You can’t just smoke weed, feel me. Everybody else is stressed out,” the man says.
The smoker cracks a smile. He takes the joint out of his mouth and turns to the man next to him.
“Would you like to take a pull,” he asks sheepishly.
“Yeah,” says the passenger next to him without hesitation.
That passenger then passes the joint to the woman next to him. She doesn’t turn it down, either.
Alas, the joint reaches the narrator. He switches his camera to selfie view and puffs on the joint. In the background, you can hear the original smoker boasting.
“I got the train LIT,” the proud toker exclaims.
The joint then makes its way to one more passenger, before the video finally cuts out.

I was mad watching him smoke on the train…but when he passed it and everyone was with the shits, it brought a smile to my face kinda lmfao.
— KELLY S. (@Kissedby_k) April 1, 2018

Truly a beautiful moment amongst smokers everywhere.
Final Hit: Strangers Pass Around A Joint On The New York City Subway
While we don’t necessarily recommend blazing in the middle of a jam-packed NYC subway (how do you hide that smell?),  it’s hard to dismiss the positive impact this particular joint had a bunch of cranky commuters. It’s safe to say smoking weed is one of the best natural stress-relievers available today, so why not pull out a joint when the going get’s a little rough.
There didn’t appear to be any youngsters on the train where this guy decided to light up, so there are no real negative implications of smoking in this particular situation. We are all humans, after all, and this is just an example of a group of them coming together under stressful times. Nothing wrong with that.
And as the great Tommy Wiseau once said, “If a lot of people loved each other, the world would be a better place to live.”
However in this case, if a lot of people loved weed, the world would be a better place to live. Luckily, there are, and this video proves it.
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