Seth Rogen Reveals His Biggest Weed Regret

In a conversation with Jimmy Kimmel, Seth Rogen reveals his biggest weed regret. The actor appeared on appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday, April 5. Rogen is an outspoken advocate of cannabis and is also the star of the classic stoner flick Pineapple Express.
As the segment began, the show aired a skit in which Rogen says to the devil that he should have never smoked pot in front of Steven Spielberg.
After the scene ended, Kimmel asked if there was truth to that statement.
Rogen said that there was, and then told the story of the time he met the famous director at a Hollywood party.
“I had just lit a joint,” said Rogen. “Which you probably shouldn’t do at those things. But, I did, and literally, at that moment, Steven Spielberg came up and started talking to me. Which was insane!”
Since he had just fired up his joint, Rogen didn’t know what to do. So he simply kept smoking.
“I know he doesn’t smoke weed and he’s not that big a fan of it. And I was like ‘Do I stop? Do I just hold it? … And I just kept smoking it—in Steven Spielberg’s face.”
Rogen then decided he had made a mistake.
“I saw the look on his face where he’s just like ‘I’m never working with this motherfucker ever again, ever.’ And that’s why I’m not the lead of Ready Player One,” he quipped.
Kimmel Elevates Rogen To Marijuana Monarchy
After relating the tale of the biggest misstep in Rogen’s career, the discussion turned to iconic figures in cannabis culture. Kimmel pondered who would be on a metaphoric Mount Rushmore of people to smoke marijuana with.
He and Rogen easily agreed that the likenesses of Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg should grace such a monument.
“I think Woody Harrelson is probably on it,” Kimmel then offered.
“Yeah, probably. He did a lot for weed,” Rogen replied.
Then Kimmel honored Rogen by suggesting his face should complete the memorial.
“I feel like you have bumped Cheech and Chong off of the Mount Rushmore because they don’t seem so involved in that anymore,” he said.
“Wow, that is nice, thank you,” Rogen replied politely, clearly humbled. He also seemed to concur with Kimmel’s nomination.
“Yeah, I’ve been smoking weed a long time,” he admitted.
Final Hit: Seth Rogen Reveals His Biggest Weed Regret
Rogen concluded his visit to the show with a comment on cannabis etiquette. After noting that he often smokes pot in public, he said that he is often approached by fans who ask if they can have some of his weed.
Rogen said he finds this quite strange and compared it to other social situations.
“If I was drinking a drink and someone was like ‘Yo, can I have a sip of your drink?’ I’d be like ‘No, you can’t have a sip of my drink!’”
He then added it’s a matter of good hygiene. However, he isn’t against accepting pot from fans.
“That being said, if you ever see me in public and I’m not smoking weed, please offer me your weed!”
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