How To Make a Cannabis-Infused Charcoal Mask

It’s no secret that cannabis is incredible for your skin. And now, we have the knowledge to combine it with other great ingredients for dermatological care! Take a cannabis-infused charcoal mask for instance.
Has the grit of this year’s nasty winter begun wreaking havoc on your skin? Maybe you’ve started noticing oily, greasy skin on your chin or the dry skin of some molting reptile on your nose. Pulling together some at-home ingredients, it’s simple to whip up a beauty miracle that smooths, soothes, and controls that irritated skin.
Activated charcoal is one popular ingredient making its way into drugstore beauty products— for good reason. Its properties make it an ideal add-in to exfoliate and clear pores left clogged by Old Man Winter. And let’s face it. The best way to detox is when you’re completely blissed out— say, maybe on the relaxing sensations of cannabis?
Give your face some CBD TLC and make this cannabis-infused charcoal mask.
Double the Benefits: Activated Charcoal and Cannabis

The internet is buzzing with things to say about activated charcoal, the dark side of natural beauty products. This black-as-the-night ingredient known for years by doctors to help digestion now boosts many people’s daily skin care regimen.
Its adsorption powers allow activated charcoal to draw up dirt, oil, bacteria, and other harmful substances from pores. It also exfoliates, leaving the face squeaky clean and smooth.
Due to its purifying qualities, it has helped many with skin issues, like acne.
But pair activated charcoal with cannabis and the benefits will take your skin routine to higher places!
Also a natural substance, this gem of an ingredient works topically when infused with an oil or fat. It gives that mellow, at-ease calm everyone hopes for in a spa day.
Furthermore, like charcoal it acts as an inflammatory, working to help with any acne issues that might be holding you back from your most flawless skin.
Not to mention, infusing beauty products with CBD or hempseed oil can eliminate fine lines, wrinkles and sometimes even skin afflictions like psoriasis.
Using this DIY cannabis-infused charcoal mask won’t only be peaceful and serene. This facial mask will amplify both your skin and mood.
Pull Together the Ingredients
First, let’s start off with how to get ahold of CBD oil or hempseed oil. If you live in a state where these items are legal, purchasing CBD oil has never been easier or hipper. Its use in topicals and other health routines has made for quite the diversity of products to choose from.
Distinct from CBD oil, hempseed oil is legal everywhere and provides a different sort of experience, both in the level of calm and skin benefits.
If you’re not as lucky to live in one of those states that can log online and purchase CBD oil, don’t worry. We appreciate a 100% DIY recipe and have included how to make your own oil.
Other critical items in this ingredients list are white hazel, aloe vera gel, turmeric, and chamomile bags. Some, like the witch hazel focus in on that acne problem, while others like the aloe vera and turmeric also act as anti-inflammatories.
Chamomile will target those wrinkles because it contains amounts of alpha-bisabolol, which works to help heal skin.
Here’s a complete ingredient list, including the items necessary for making your own oil base for a cannabis-infused charcoal mask.
For the Cannabis-Infused Oil Base

1 cup Olive Oil (using oleic acid is best for maximum cannabinoid absorption)
¼ ounce cannabis, ground (choose a strain of your liking)
3 Cups Distilled Water
Cheese Cloth
To make the cannabis-infused oil, follow these quick steps.
To begin, pour oil, water, and cannabis into a pot. Set heat to low, and put a lid on top of it. This concoction will need to simmer at this low temperature for about 1.5 hours. Stir occasionally and avoid burning any of the green or oil.
Then using a regular strainer, line it with the cheesecloth. Placing multiple layers will ensure no cannabis grittiness. After that, strain the weed from the water and oil mixture. Then, put the strained plant material aside for other beauty and edibles recipes you’re planning to make.
After several hours, the oil and water mixture will reach room temperature. These two ingredients will separate. Then, freeze for an hour. The infused oil will completely separate and can be spooned out for use in your cannabis-infused charcoal mask.
For the Cannabis-Infused Charcoal Mask

1 Tsp Activated Charcoal
2 Chamomile Tea Bags (steep and cool these bags for alleviating under eye wrinkles)
¼ cup Witch Hazel
2 Tablespoons Turmeric
½ cup Aloe Vera Gel
3 tsp Cannabis Oil Salve
Now, you’re ready to bring everything together for the ultimate beauty benefits. Then, combine all the ingredients (including your DIY or store-bought cannabis or hemp seed oils) in a small glass bowl. It should form a sort of gel.
To apply, remember that masks like this work best when pores are open. To open up pores and receive the maximum benefits from your cannabis-infused charcoal mask, hop in a hot shower. The steam should open up the pores. After, clean the face, and dab the mask onto the skin, with care to avoid the eyes, mouth, and nose. Keep in mind, this mask is best applied with a medium foundation brush. But if you can’t locate yours within your arsenal of beauty supplies, applying by hand works just fine too, if just a little messy.
Finally, add the steeped chamomile bags. Take a moment to breathe and rest in your newfound radiance. Then, rinse and admire your cool, calm, and collected complexion.
Final Hit: Activated Charcoal and Cannabis are a Dream Team
The benefits of activated charcoal may have long been known for digestive issues, but its super powers don’t stop there. It has proven to help skin issues, from anything to oily skin to acne. Cannabis also pulls its weight in the beauty game, gearing up skin to be fresh and luminous. Bring both together, and you’ve got one mega beauty product you can feel proud can make yourself.
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