What Is A Gravity Bong and How Do You Make One?

Before the abundance of highly concentrated forms of cannabis, we had to get creative to elevate highs to levels the average pipe and bong couldn’t. The only two ways to accomplish this were with the help of kief which could take a long time to accumulate and the gravity bong. There are all-glass versions you can buy that are safer to smoke. However, a homemade gravity bong typically consists of cut up plastic bottles and an aluminum foil bowl. As a result, you shouldn’t re-use them or rely on one as a regular method of consumption. In case you want a potent blast from the past or you feel like turning your smoke session into a DIY project, we’ll show you how to make a gravity bong.
What Is A Gravity Bong?

A gravity bong comes in two different styles. The term can be used to describe both a bucket bong and a waterfall bong. Here’s how they work.
Bucket Bong
A bucket bong usually consists of the bottom half of a 2 liter of soda and the top half of a smaller plastic bottle. However, any sizes will do as long as the bottom is larger than the top.
The bottom half is filled with water and the top half will consist of both the bowl and mouthpiece. Despite the name, gravity doesn’t play much of a role in the function of a bucket bong. Instead, a high-pressure environment is created as the top half is forced into the bucket of water. Then, the flame of your lighter and smoke will be vacuumed into the bottle as you pull it up out of the water.
Clearing a bucket bong is easier than a waterfall bong because the pressure in a bucket bong helps to force all of the smoke out of the bottle and into your lungs as soon as possible.
Waterfall Bong
The other style of gravity bong is called a waterfall bong. It will only require the use of one large plastic bottle. It actually uses gravity and gravity alone to milk the bottle for you.
The top consists of both the bowl piece and the mouthpiece like on a bucket bong. The bottom is just your standard bottle with a hole at the bottom. When it’s time to smoke, the bottle gets filled with water while the hole is plugged. Then the cap with a bowl full of weed is put back on. Removing your finger will allow gravity to pull all of the water out of your bong like a waterfall.
Make sure the lighter is sparked above the bowl before you remove your finger from the hole. Then watch the water pour as smoke takes its place.
The waterfall experience saves your lungs from the effort of milking the bong. However, clearing the bong is on you.
How To Make A Bucket Bong

Before you learn how to make a bucket gravity bong you’re going to need the following materials and tools.
Box cutter or scissor
Two different sized plastic bottles
Aluminum foil
If you’re using a homemade gravity bong with the bucket style, you’ll need to cut some plastic. Use a box cutter or scissors to carefully cut the bottom of the smaller bottle off. The larger the top half is, the more smoke it can hold.
Cut the larger bottle in half and toss the top out so that you’re left with a plastic bucket. The bucket needs to be deep enough for the top to be submerged down to the neck without touching the bottom.
Finally, carve a hole in the cap with a box cutter or scissors and use the aluminum foil to form a bowl. Poke holes so the smoke can travel into the bottle. If you completed every step we mentioned, your gravity bong is ready for use.
How To Smoke Bucket Bongs
Now that you know how to make one, we’ll go over how to smoke out of a bucket bong.
First, fill the bottom half with water but not all the way to the top. You don’t want it to overflow when you submerge the top half. Then, remove the cap and fill the bowl with ground up weed.
The next step is where some people make rookie mistakes. Submerge the top half down to the neck in water with the cap still aside. If the filled bowl is screwed on as you push the top half into the water, the weed will go flying out everywhere.
The final part of the process is to have the flame of your lighter above the bowl as you slowly pull the top half out of the water. Don’t pull too far out or the bottle will come up and let all the trapped smoke out. Once you’ve got the bottle as far out as it can be, remove the cap. While inhaling through the mouthpiece, push the top half into the water down to the neck. The pressure will help all of the smoke quickly travel into your lungs.
How To Make A Waterfall Bong

Before you get started on making a waterfall gravity bong, you’ll need a few pieces of equipment.
Box cutter or scissor
One large plastic bottles
Aluminum foil
Carve a hole in the cap with a box cutter or scissors and use the aluminum foil to form a bowl. Poke holes so the smoke can travel into the bottle. Then, carve a hole at the bottom of your bottle where it’s easy to cover with your finger.
How To Smoke Waterfall Bongs
Now that you’ve got everything ready, we’ll show you how to smoke out of a waterfall bong.
First, keep the cap separated and fill the aluminum bowl with ground up weed. Then, cover the hole at the bottom of the bottle with your index finger. Fill the bottle to the neck in water. You may need the help of a table, sink or friend when lighting the bowl.
Spark the lighter above the bowl before moving your finger at the bottom of the bottle aside. Make sure to keep the flame away from any of the plastic components. If you’re tasting plastic during a gravity bong rip, you’re doing something wrong. Put the flame out once the weed starts to cherry and everything should go smoothly.
Once the water is emptied out, quickly remove the cap and clear the contents. The longer you leave the smoke sitting there, the staler and harsher it will taste.
Final Hit: Gravity Bong
The gravity bong was the classic way of bypassing a heavy smokers tolerance for potent highs. They’re easy to make when you’re in a pinch without a pipe or papers. However, we wouldn’t recommend them to beginners or as a method for regular consumption. Now when we’re looking for a more potent high, we can do it without stressing our lungs out. You can do a dab or smoke moonrocks out of bowls comfortably and get super baked without coughing up a lung.
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