Phyto Animal Health Advisory Board Members Interviewed by American Veterinarian

Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health and it’s attention to safety and quality highlighted by prominent veterinary publication.
Respected veterinary journal American Veterinarian ran an article and video interview last week that featured members of the Phyto Animal Health’s Veterinarian Advisory Board discussing the company’s hemp products and its strict quality control measures.
fThe article, published on the American Veterinarian website, is entitled “Phyto Animal Health’s Line of CBD Pet Products”  and explores the Phyto Animal Health product line, focusing on the steps taken to protect the integrity of all the company’s products.

Dedication to Pet Safety
“We have sworn a Pledge of Loyalty to Good Manufacturing practices and our Triple Lab Testing process allows pet owners to place trust in our products,” said Phyto Animal Health CEO Ian Quinn. “Our goal is to continue to provide the most up-to-date, scientifically-based approach to pet health in all that we do and provide transparency on the quality and safety of our products.”
The article includes a video interview with two executive members of the Phyto Animal Health Veterinary Advisory Board: Liz Hughston, MEd., RVT, CVT, VTS (SAIM, ECC), and Stephen F. Cital, RVT, SRA, RLAT, VTS-Lab Animal.

In the interview, Cital and Hughston detail Phyto Animal Health’s dedication to producing only safe, high-quality products. This begins with clean cultivation techniques that avoid the use of herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Once harvested, the hemp plant’s CBD oil is extracted using safe carbon dioxide. Phyto Animal Health’s CBD oil and finished products are tested at three points during the manufacturing process to ensure its safety and guarantee consistent levels of CBD.
In the interview, Stephen Cital talks about the company’s quality assurance, saying, “What’s nice about Phyto Animal Health compared to some of the other companies out there is they is they have a Certificate of Analysis of the cannabinoids that are in the product but also have other elemental analyses which are important because if we’re getting these products from overseas we could have high levels of lead and other elements that could be very toxic.”

Phyto Animal Health Product Line
The Phyto Animal Health product line includes full-spectrum hemp oil products, CBD isolate products, and an innovative new hemp bedding and litter, capitalizing on the many advantages of the hemp plant.
Phyto Animal Health first entered the pet health market with a pair of CBD products in January of 2018. With a lower concentration of CBD per serving, these products are designed for home use by pet and livestock owners.Vitality is an all-natural CBD hemp oil product that combines decarboxylated hemp oil with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil derived from organic coconut oil. Pet Vitality contains 100 mg of CBD in the 1 oz. bottle or 500 mg of CBD in the 2 oz. The Vitality daily CBD oil supplement is best for use for cats and dogs.Similar to Vitality, THC-free Vitality-X combines CBD oil with MCT oil to create a daily use CBD supplement. Vitality-X is put through an extra filtration process to remove plant materials, waxes, and all but the smallest amounts of cannabinoids other than CBD. Each 4 oz. bottle of Vitality-X contains 1000 mg of CBD and can be used by cat, dog, and horse owners looking to avoid concerns over THC.
Phyto Animal Health’s Vitality 1700 mg CBD Oral Concentrate is the newest product in the company’s CBD-based product line. Phyto Animal Health has specially formulated its Vitality 1700 mg CBD Oral Concentrate as an all-natural supplement that will only be available to veterinary clinicians and animal hospitals. As Phyto Animal Health’s most potent CBD product, it is intended for use by knowledgeable veterinary staff.
Phyto Animal Health also offers an all-natural animal Hemp Bedding and Litter. Twice as absorbent as straw or wood shavings, Phyto Animal Health Hemp Bedding and Litter helps reduce waste and requires less storage and lowers labor costs on farms. The company’s hemp bedding and litter is chemical-free and produces less dust than similar animal products made from less renewable sources. This all-natural animal bedding and litter is perfect for animals of all sizes, from your pets at home to larger livestock.
Get Phyto Animal Health Products for Your Pet
Select Phyto Animal Health products are available now in the Medical Marijuana, Inc. online store. You can also learn more about the benefits of CBD for pets here.
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