Guide To Guerrilla Outdoor Weed Growing

The key to guerrilla outdoor weed growing is finding the right place to plant and only visiting your spot as often as necessary. Successful clandestine cannabis gardens must be practically invisible, so never leave any clues or litter in your secret planting bed. Tread lightly as to not leave a path to your plants and always leave the forest cleaner and healthier than you found it. Now it’s time to learn the ropes on outdoor weed growing guerrilla-style.
Winter: Choosing Your Spots

Winter is the perfect time to find new guerrilla outdoor weed growing spots. Where you choose to plant is by far the most difficult and important decision you’ll make. If you’re lucky enough to have secluded property of your own, by all means, plant there, however most growers will have to go “guerrilla” to get their crops. While we don’t encourage growing pot on public property, we recognize that it happens and all too often, growers are making misinformed decisions on where to plant that lead to plant discovery or worse.
Find places that are unlikely to have visitors of any kind throughout the year, whether they’re hikers, hunters or campers. That clearing with the telephone or electrical lines may look like a great spot, but it won’t be so ideal when the grass mowers or wire repairmen show up midseason. The best spots are hard to get to – like the center of a thorny bush cluster or a remote cliff that’s off the beaten path.
It helps to have an alibi such as bird-watching or fishing and carry things like binoculars or a tackle box to enhance the charade. Look for southern-facing slopes and keep in mind what your grow area will look like from above. Police choppers fly around in almost every state looking for outdoor grows and you don’t want them spotting your precious plants.
Try not to make a path that’ll lead others to your plot – take different ways in and out if you can. Also consider a nearby water supply such as a river, creek or lake. Water weighs about 8 pounds-per-gallon so you’ll want to reduce the distance you have to carry it as much as possible. I’ve seen some innovative backpack watering systems that help ease the burden. Unless you get steady rain throughout the year, there will come a time that you’ll have to bring water to your grow.
If you want to put out sizable plants, winter is the time to root the clones or start the seeds indoors under some growlights. It’s always better to put out larger more developed bushes for plants that yield pounds instead of ounces. The healthier and stronger the plants you put out, the more you will get in the end so keep them happy and thriving.
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