Medical Marijuana, Inc. Subsidiaries Receive Coverage in the Motley Fool, Romper, and Cryptovest This Week

CBD products for pets, cryptocurrencies for the cannabis industry, and medical marijuana in Mexico dominate the news cycle.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. remained a part of the media conversation this week, as portfolio companies Phyto Animal Health and HempMeds® Mexico were highlighted in national and international media outlets as part of their coverage of rapidly developing segments of the cannabis market.
A Booming Pet Product Market
Phyto Animal Health, Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s newest subsidiary, was once again in the media this week, as news of its Veterinary Advisory Board hit the wires. Pet Product News ran coverage of the creation of the company’s Veterinary Advisory Board, made up of noted animal health specialists with decades of experience, including the executive director for the Academy of Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians, the president-elect of the Academy of Internal Medicine Veterinary Technicians, and Chief Medical Officer for The Animal Medical Center of New York.
The medical cannabis market for pets has been booming, as more and more pet owners are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to harsh prescription products. Medical Marijuana Stocks discussed the growth of this market and its effects on marijuana stock prices. Medical Marijuana, Inc. and Phyto Animal Health were both highlighted in this piece, as well as on the Motley Fool and
Cannabis Cryptocurrencies
Cryptocurrencies, which are seeing a surge of popularity now, may be a perfect fit for the largely cash-based cannabis industry. In an article on Cryptovest, the difficulties of cannabis businesses in securing even the most basic of banking services is highlighted, as well as the ways in which cannabis-specific cryptocurrencies may be the solution.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. CEO and President Dr. Stuart Titus was quoted in the piece speaking on the potential for cannabis itself to one day be traded as a commodity. Although this may seem like a stretch now, the spreading legalization of medical and recreational marijuana makes it a real possibility. If that happens, according to Dr. Titus, “the cannabis futures market might be the largest futures market in the world.”
You can learn more about cannabis cryptocurrencies on Medical Marijuana, Inc. portfolio company HempMeds®’s blog.
Cannabis Use During Pregnancy
Dr. Titus was also featured in a Romper article that explored whether cannabis in the form of CBD oil is safe to use when pregnant. Romper is one of the widest read motherhood blogs with over 5 million monthly readers. The site covers everything motherhood related, including news, personal stories, life hacks, expert advice, and more.
In the piece, Dr. Titus discussed the potential benefits of CBD, citing the work of renown cannabis researcher Dr. Ethan Russo. Dr. Titus revealed how CBD works in the human body.
Distribution of CBD Products in Mexico
As the company celebrates its second year of operation, importing CBD oil products like THC-free RSHO-X to patients throughout Mexico, HempMeds® Mexico continues to focus on increasing availability to cannabis-derived products while remaining within Mexico’s strict medical cannabis restrictions.
This week, HempMeds® Mexico Operations Director Carlos Gonzalez was interviewed by Milenio Television in Mexico to discuss the company’s efforts. In the interview, Gonzalez talked about the global reach of Medical Marijuana, Inc.’s products, including distribution in Latin America in countries like Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico.
Currently, HempMeds® Mexico only distributes THC-free CBD oil products. However, Gonzalez states that new regulations currently being finalized by the Mexican government could alter the company’s product line to include products with minimal levels of THC. HempMeds® Mexico was the first company to distribute CBD oil products in Mexico. Although they are facing some minor competition from companies in the U.S., no other company has set up an office in Mexico, giving HempMeds® Mexico a decided edge in the CBD market in the country.
More Medical Marijuana, Inc. News
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