Will Nebraska Residents Be Able To Vote On Medical Marijuana?

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While it might be somewhat of a precarious time for states to introduce medical marijuana programs, it hasn’t stopped them from ultimately going forward with their plans for legalization. Despite Jeff Sessions shenanigans, in 2018 alone, we’ve already seen California successfully roll out a recreational marijuana program, the opening of the first medical dispensary in Pennsylvania’s history and preemptive plans for New Jersey to legalize recreational weed. However, despite flying under the radar,  it appears that there could be another state getting in on the pot party. But in this case, it may be up to the state’s residents on whether or not a potential legalization is a viable option. That state is Nebraska. And the question is both “will Nebraska residents be able to vote on medical marijuana?” and “when?”.
Will Nebraska Residents Be Able To Vote On Medical Marijuana?
Lincoln Sen. Anna Wishart, who has been a staunch supporter of medical marijuana for years, will be going forward a constitutional amendment resolution that will allow Nebraska residents to make the decision for themselves. Wishart believes the people of Nebraska deserve to get a say in the matter and should receive the opportunity to help establish protections for MMJ patients.
“Tens of thousands of Nebraskans are needlessly suffering because they don’t have access to medical cannabis, including veterans, children and the terminally ill,” Wishart said in a news release.
Wishart said she believes it’s only a matter of time before the plant will be available for medical use and that Nebraska lawmakers are to blame for its current legal status. The Senator hopes for a day where her residents will not be treated like lawbreakers, but rather, patients utilizing viable medicinal resources.
“Nebraskans who find that cannabis eases their pain and suffering should not be forced across state lines or treated like criminals,” she said. “I believe that medical cannabis is going to be a reality for Nebraska one day.”
Wishart has long championed for medical marijuana in Nebraska, much to no avail. Back in March, Wishart prioritized the passing of Legislative Bill 622, which would have legalized medical marijuana for patients suffering from 19 different medical conditions, including anxiety, seizures or “any other illness for which medical cannabis provides relief as determined by the participating healthcare practitioner.”
If the bill was passed, Nebraskans would not be permitted to smoke or grow cannabis, but instead, they would be able to consume it in pill form, or through oils, liquids, lotions and vaporizers.
However, despite garnering 10 co-sponsors, as well as the support of military veterans, mothers and doctors, the bill was ultimately nixed by Nebraska legislation, leading to Wishart’s latest endeavor.
Since Nebraska legislators failed to introduce a viable medical marijuana program, it looks like the decision will lay in the hands of the voters this time around. So when will Nebraska residents be able to vote on medical marijuana? As of now, it’s unclear. But with 60 percent of Nebraskans currently in favor of the plant for medicinal purposes, it appears there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those within the state clamoring for a change.
The post Will Nebraska Residents Be Able To Vote On Medical Marijuana? appeared first on High Times.

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