Weird Drug Cocktails Being Discovered In Tennessee

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The mad science minds of the underground drug trade are apparently experimenting with a bizarre, almost nonsensical, collection of voodoo concoctions in hopes that they will stumble into the next mega-trend in the realm of feel-good substances. It is a wild scene of weird drug cocktails that still has not completely reared its ugly head, but it is one that could either give the drug culture the magic key to the snarling gods of Technicolor oblivion or thin the herd across the board with every overzealous toot and shoot.
It was recently reported that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is starting to see bizarre drug mixtures out in the field that could take drug overdose deaths to the next level. It appears as though narco-test tubers are searching for a new junkie jumble that will bring them rockstar status in the streets.
In one case, officials found a vicious drug cocktail consisting of ketamine, tramadol, cocaine, heroin and fentanyl. The agency says it has also witnessed an uprising in methamphetamine being mixed with fentanyl analogs acrylfentanyl and methoxyacetylfentanyl.
If any of these drug mixtures would happen to take off, people could start dropping at an obscene rate.
“These are combinations of drugs that don’t even make sense, and they are combinations that are lethal,” said T.J. Jordan, assistant director of the TBI’s Drug Investigation Division.
“It’s the latest example of why no illicit street drug is safe,” he added. “And with combinations of these extremely toxic drugs being mixed with each other, it’s a cocktail that has us very concerned. We need to remind the public again that these already-dangerous drugs are becoming more and more deadly.”
Drug users with an adventurous spirit and an insatiable thirst for the entire spectrum of the mind-altering effects that come from various controlled substances have no qualms whatsoever about riding freakish breeds of dope in order to obtain the desired result.
Perhaps the most legendary example of this concept is a dicey little cocktail called a “speedball.” It is a fine mixture of heroin and cocaine that gnaws on the brain in such a way that keeps the user fully alert, yet wrapped up in a tight blanket of warm and fuzzies. The only problem with this beautiful brew is it can be extremely deadly. It’s what killed John Belushi, River Phoenix and Phillip Seymour Hoffman.
But now inebriant infusions have become a recreational sport, with dope fiends on a savage seek-and-destroy mission to catapult themselves into a sector of the universe untouched by any other human ever before. It is the same philosophy that recently took down the rapper Lil Peep. This cat reportedly had a mad mixture of dope in his system at the time of his death, including cocaine and fentanyl. The Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner also found that the 21-year-old was chasing this Speedball 2.0 with hydrocodone, Dilaudid, oxycodone and a generic for Xanax known as alprazolam.
Dope dealers have become privy to the drug public’s longing to simultaneously be in multiple directions, which has prompted them to seek refuge in their super secret labs to try and come up with cocktails powerful enough make even the sweetest soccer mom sacrifice her first born in order to get her hands on it.
After all, the first black market chemist who comes up with a wild-eyed mixture that completely relieves the user’s sense of being a mediocre troglodyte inside the American downtrodden could conceivably generate a hefty retirement savings long before the federal government ever catches up.
No doubt, there is a huge market in helping people forget that this journey called life must be carried out in thick pools of our own vomit. It is for this reason that the illicit drug trade is now worth in upwards of $360 billion.
But sadly, this pursuit of happiness is killing tens of thousands of people every year. The latest data shows that drug overdose deaths stemming from a lust for opioids reached 64,000 in 2016—more than the AIDS epidemic, both World Wars and the conflict in Vietnam.
The post Weird Drug Cocktails Being Discovered In Tennessee appeared first on High Times.

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