How To Hide The Smell Of Weed

Whether you’re in a state with legalized marijuana or not, the smell of cannabis can attract unwanted attention. If you don’t want your neighbors, roommates, landlord, boss or parents to catch on to your habit, you’re going to have to learn how to hide the smell of weed. If you have a room with a window you can probably get high without anyone knowing. There are also ways to hide the smell of weed when you’re on-the-go. We’ll cover multiple techniques to keep the smell of weed and its smoke to a minimum.
Proper Storage

Do you get anxious wondering if anyone nearby can smell your weed?
When it comes to hiding the smell of weed at home, you’ll need the proper storage equipment. You won’t be hiding any smells keeping a Ziploc bag of weed in a drawer or your pocket. If you’re living at home you might have to have an awkward talk with your mom when you get home.
Something airtight like a mason jar or vacuum-sealed bag is best for containing the smell of cannabis flowers.
There are also products designed to contain the smell of cannabis on-the-go. Dube tubes are perfect for carrying pre-rolled joints or blunts around.
Similarly, Skunk creates discreet designer bags lined with activated carbon which traps odors from items larger than a pre-roll.
As a result, they’re perfect for cannabis consuming commuters who don’t want everyone around them knowing they’ve got weed on them.
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