Fox News, the Voice of San Diego, and Green Street Include Medical Marijuana, Inc. Companies in Their Coverage

Cannabis in Mexico, SXSW in Austin, and CBD for Pets lead the headlines this week for the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies.
Medical Marijuana, Inc. companies continued to be a driving part of the cannabis conversation this past week with top executives interviewed for a trio of stories in both national and international media outlets.

American Cannabis Products Find Market in Mexico
Medical Marijuana, Inc. and its portfolio company HempMeds® were part of a story exploring the cross-border cannabis market that exists between California and Mexico.
The story, originally published in the Voice of San Diego, focuses specifically on the movement of cannabis products from California into Mexico, an idea that seems contrary to the long established norm.
The story first discussed consumers from Tijuana, Mexico, who travel to San Diego County’s border towns to visit legal dispensaries there. While many of these consumers will use their cannabis in the U.S. where it is legal, others bring their marijuana purchases home to Mexico.
It isn’t just recreational marijuana that is finding its way into Mexico. Medical cannabis in the form of CBD oil from HempMeds® was the first cannabis product legally imported into Mexico, sparking the nation’s current push for medical cannabis reform.
President and CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc. Dr. Stuart Titus was interviewed as part of the article. Dr. Titus detailed the influence CBD advocate and current HempMeds® Mexico President Raul Elizalde played in spearheading the need for this reform.
“Prior to our intervention, [Mexican President Enrique] Peña Nieto was against all cannabis products, but he was open to a debate,” Titus said. “Raul [Elizalde] has been able to change the way the president thinks about cannabis.”
For now, the country awaits their government to pass its latest medical cannabis law. Until then, only CBD oil products lacking significant levels of THC, such as those available from HempMeds® Mexico are legal for import and use in the country.
The Voice of San Diego story was picked up by international media outlets: including,
La Cronica
[Your] News
420 Intel
HempMeds® Demonstrates Benefits of CBD at SXSW Event
Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary HempMeds® traveled to Texas last week to exhibit its award-winning line of CBD oil products at the South by Southwest (SXSW) Wellness Expo. The inaugural Wellness Expo was held in Austin from March 10-11 as part of the massive yearly SXSW event.  
Nearly 500,000 people attend SXSW each year. As a Company of Firsts®, this first ever wellness event at SXSW presented an important opportunity to spread awareness for CBD among those interested in maintaining their personal wellness and support this first ever SXSW event.
Media outlets like Fox 7 Austin were on hand at the SXSW Wellness Expo, interviewing attendees and participating businesses to gauge the pulse of this inaugural event. The station stopped by the popular HempMeds® booth to learn about the benefits of CBD.
“Being here, it’s great to see all the different combinations. You have well established companies and brands, and you have people who are up and coming. The feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood around,” Stephen Jones, President of HempMeds, told Fox 7.

CBD for Pets Continues to Trend in the Media
As our understanding of the beneficial effects of CBD continues to grow, more and more pet owners are turning to CBD oil products to supplement their pet’s endocannabinoid system, the same system that causes humans to experience the effects of cannabis.
CBD companies like Medical Marijuana, Inc. subsidiary Phyto Animal Health are capitalizing on this interest, taking an ever larger share of the $30 billion pet market. Phyto Animal Health offers a choice in CBD oil products for pets in its Vitality line, including pourable CBD oil liquids and its concentrated pure CBD oil.
Phyto Animal Health Veterinary Advisory Board member and member of the Veterinary Cannabis Academy Liz Hughston was interviewed as part of a story on Green State.
“Every animal with a spinal column also has an endocannabinoid system, so it stands to reason that cannabis can help many species,” Hughston said in the interview. “I think we’ve reached an inflection point in society now where cannabis use in humans has become much more widespread and accepted. People see the good it does in people and want to provide the same benefits to their pets.”
You can learn more about Phyto Animal Health and its line of CBD oil products for pets and livestock here.
More Media Coverage
You can find more media coverage of the Medical Marijuana, Inc. family of companies here, or visit our news feed and get the latest developments from our portfolio.
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