Israel’s Ministry of Health Approves Medical Marijuana Vaporizer

It’s official: Israel’s Ministry of Health approves medical marijuana vaporizer. While vaporizers are hardly a new innovation, this action is quite groundbreaking. By approving this vaporizer, Israel has become the first nation in the world to certify “paraphernalia” as an accepted medical device.
Israel Approves First Ever Medical Marijuana Vaporizer
On Tuesday, Israel gave the Tel Aviv-based cannabis company Kanabo Research the green light to mass produce its VapePod medical cannabis vaporizer. Now, there will be a consumption device available for patients to use cannabis extracts.
But what’s so special about this vape? According to the company, it can precisely measure out doses of the medication. The plans are to sell the product to medical marijuana patients who have experienced difficulties in the past with finding the proper dosage. The company believes this method will lead to better treatment and more accurate administration of medical cannabis.
“This approval is a significant announcement for the medical cannabis patients in Israel who will be able to use the medical vaporizer for the first time,” Kanabo’s co-founder Avihu Tamir told the Jerusalem Post.
Interestingly, Kanabo is a relatively small company. Established in 2016, it currently employs only around 12 people. Yet, it is one of 50 medical marijuana operations in the country working on cannabis products.
Some reports show investors have spent nearly $100 million on the development of medical marijuana inhalers and other devices.
Is the U.S. Giving the Medical Marijuana Industry Away?
As it stands, Israel leads the world in medical marijuana research and development. The country is planning to export medical cannabis to the United States in the near future. Although, we should note that it has been reported that the Trump administration has attempted to discourage this action.
Cannabis industry leaders complain that policy issues have forced the forfeiture of the $30 billion medical marijuana industry. Federal law continues to hinder medical marijuana research nationwide. This lack of attention has caused other nations, like Israel, to get ahead of the medical marijuana game.
“Businesses outside of the country are already making billions of dollars,” said Rick Doblin, founder of the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). “Canada, the Netherlands, and Israel all have booming cannabis research sectors. We have enormous opportunity that we’re squandering.” he added.
Final Hit: Israel’s Ministry of Health Approves Medical Marijuana Vaporizer
As of now, Israeli patients can use only flower-based medical marijuana treatments. The approval of this device will allow those cleared for medical marijuana use to reduce the potential health risks of inhaling smoke. While cannabis smoke is very different from that of tobacco, doctors often advise their patients to avoid chronic smoking of any kind or substance. This vaporizer will allow medical marijuana patients to have another option of consumption while taking their medication.
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