How To Get Paid To Smoke Weed

It continues to be every cannabis lover’s dream: get paid to smoke weed. And with legal and medicinal markets continuing to open in many states across the US, that dream could come true. But receiving a check cut in your name just for puffing on Mary Jane still requires some research, creativity and work. Not to mention, having a decent set of lungs also helps. So let’s clear the smoke and discover how to get paid to smoke weed.
1. Get Paid to Smoke Weed and Make Art

Take Tony Greenhand, joint-roller extraordinaire and artist. His artwork is actually smokeable— and very desired.
Using weed as his medium, his projects include sculpting subjects like Pikachu or a portrait sculpture of Tommy Chong. He also creates weapons like grenades and semi-automatic weapons from the flowers.
It goes without saying that while Greenhand molds his commissioned artwork, he rolls himself a J and enjoys the inspiration.
But maybe just rolling a regular joint seems as frustrating as origami to you.
Photography may better suit your artistic goals. As the US continues to accept pot, photographs of weed and its products remain highly needed and desired.
Though a competitive field with many professionals already cornering the pot photography market, many stock photo companies recognize the need to produce innovative and honest imagery of weed and its users.
With a portfolio of images, a photographer and weed lover can submit to these companies for profit, especially those companies that specialize in weed imagery. Then, after taking that shot showcasing that perfect nug, do the only reasonable thing and smoke it.
Perhaps staying in front of the camera works more with your style. Turn on the webcam and start up a vlog. Many weed enthusiasts have figured out how to earn dough smoking on YouTube. Though public, this art form pulls in income just to smoke or consume weed on camera.
Want to stay anonymous, make art and get paid to smoke weed? Try writing about it. Creating a blog about weed offers a way make bank to enjoy pot.
Most recently, some creative writing workshops began which encourage writers to light up before putting words on the page. Organizing these workshops offers the instructor the chance to teach, smoke, write— and earn money for it.
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