Chelsea Handler Announces That She Is Starting Her Own Weed Line

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This afternoon, famed comedian Chelsea Handler broke the news that she has plans to create her very own line of marijuana. She made this announcement on her Instagram page, publishing a series of videos on her Instagram Story. In these videos, Handler proclaims that since recreational cannabis is now legal in her long-time home of California, she has some grand plans to get in on the action.
Who Is Chelsea Handler?
Chelsea Handler is an American comedian, author, late night talk show host and businesswoman. Born in Livingston, New Jersey in 1975, she moved out west to Los Angeles at the age of nineteen. Her original ambition was to pursue an acting career. However, she fell in love with stand-up comedy shortly after getting a DUI.
Her entertainment career really took off in the early 2000’s after a series of appearances on television comedy shows. In 2006, her first solo series, “The Chelsea Handler Show”, premiered on the E! network. It only lasted for two seasons, but E! loved her so much that they started another program with her. This show was called “Chelsea Lately” and it aired for seven years. She went on to create two series on Netflix: “Chelsea Does” and “Chelsea”.
During these years, she simultaneously authored five books. They were all featured on The New York Times Best Sellers List.
Chelsea and Cannabis

Doing my due diligence on weed grows so I know how I can best help spread the word. Weed is fun again and in controlled doses. I’m into it big time.
A post shared by Chelsea Handler (@chelseahandler) on Feb 13, 2018 at 10:57am PST

Chelsea Handler has never been shy about her cannabis use. Rather, she openly embraces it and talks freely about sparking up and enjoying the herb in her books and various TV shows. For an episode in “Chelsea Does”, appropriately subtitled “Chelsea Does Drugs”, Handler obtained a California medical marijuana card and spent the episode getting high on camera. She even smoked with Willie Nelson, who also has a brand of bud.
Additionally, Handler has publicly voiced her approval for cannabis legalization. She even stated that she is of the opinion that all drugs should be legal unless “you act like an asshole when you’re on it.”
Now that California has legalized recreational marijuana, she has announced that she has plans to get in in the Green Rush and create her own line of Mary Jane.
Final Hit: Chelsea Handler Is Starting Her Own Weed Line
In her Instagram Story announcement, Handler states that she was headed to a weed farm to “pick a grow. It’s called a grow for those of you not in the know.” Her other videos in the story feature her showing off her business attire and proclaiming, “I want people to understand that you don’t need to get blottoed. You can just get a nice buzz going to take the edge off.” She also had a few videos inside the grow, where she observed cultivators and checked out some growing weed.
She hasn’t announced any specifics yet, like if the weed line she’s starting will be organic or even what she will name it. For now, we just know her intention is to start a business that will ultimately help people.
The post Chelsea Handler Announces That She Is Starting Her Own Weed Line appeared first on High Times.

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