Canadian Armed Forces Wants Weed Simulation Goggles

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Did you know weed simulation goggles were a thing?
As Canada prepares to make history and become the largest country to fully legalize cannabis, officials and lawmakers will have to creatively find ways to regulate the plant after years of prohibition. While longtime medical patients and black market frequenters should have no problem adjusting to the sweeping change, there are several factions of Canada that will need to modify the way they view cannabis.
One such faction is the Canadian Forces. They are beginning to look at ways to educate and assimilate their members about cannabis culture, and it’s various effects. And no, they’re not prepared to pass around blunts amongst their troops. However, they do want them to experience what it’s like to be stoned.
So what’s the closest thing to getting high?
Simulating the effects of THC via weed simulation goggles, of course.
Canada Seeking Weed Simulation Goggles For Its Troops

The request was found in a notice on the Canadian federal government’s “Buy and Sell” website. The Department of National Defense is looking to purchase 26 marijuana simulation kits because its Armed Forces don’t know what it is like to be high.
“The Directorate Force Health Protection/Strengthening the Forces (StF) within the Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H Svcs Gp), has a requirement to procure twenty-six (26) Marijuana Simulation Kits. The purpose of the Marijuana Simulation Kits is to raise awareness of marijuana impairment, reduce the risk of marijuana impairment, and promote healthy lifestyles within the Canadian Armed Forces,” says the website.
One of the primary items in the kits is weed simulation goggles. Because the goggles allow “users to experience first-hand, the deficits marijuana creates on the body.”
You may be wondering what deficits they’re describing. Will the goggles make you hungry or paranoid? No. Apparently, they want to simulate the slower decision making and loss of motor coordination associated with recreational marijuana use.
According to the listing, the Canadian Armed Forces hope to secure the goggles by April 30th.
Final Hit: Canadian Armed Forces Wants Weed Simulation Goggles
Cannabis is set to be legalized in July (barring no further setbacks) in Canada. Now, the country is doing everything it can to prepare itself for an unprecedented era of cannabis use. Including helping officers understand how to deal with stoned drivers.
The Canadian military is willing to spend $170,000 on these goggles so they can see what it’s like to be high. That should be enough to get the entire armed forces high for a day.
In addition to preparing its armed forces, Canada’s provinces have begun rolling out various regulations. Stoned driving has been one of their main focuses. They have begun to raise awareness and taking preventative measures. It will be up to individual provinces to find viable ways to regulate and punish drivers, and Ontario has already set a loose precedent after rolling out their own no-nonsense policy regarding driving under the influence of cannabis.
And while Justin Trudeau hopes to make good on his promise of legal marijuana by July 1st, 2018, it appears lack of regulations and opposition by conservative politicians could potentially delay the plant’s grand debut.
So perhaps it is said politicians who could benefit from the use of weed simulation goggles. That way, they can see the true error of their reasoning.
The post Canadian Armed Forces Wants Weed Simulation Goggles appeared first on High Times.

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