Is The Girl Scout Who Sold Cookies Outside A Dispensary In Trouble?

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Is the Girl Scout who sold cookies outside a dispensary in trouble? The word on the street is a young scout who set up a cookie booth in front of the Urban Leaf dispensary in San Diego last week is catching some heat. The local Girl Scout troop is crying over spilt milk.
The practice of setting up shop in front of dispensaries is common for Girl Scouts in some legal marijuana states. But it turns out the marketing scheme behind the latest cookie-peddling adventure may have broken some rules. The San Diego Girl Scout council is now investigating whether there is cause for disciplinary action, according to local reports.
Girl Scouts Know Their Cookie Customers
It was just last Friday that a Girl Scout made national headlines after selling over 300 boxes of cookies in front of the dispensary. The sales were conducted over a period of six hours.
But it is apparently a photo posted to Instagram by the dispensary that is causing somewhat of an uproar.
Urban Leaf founder Will Senn says he saw the family pulling a wagon full of Girl Scout cookies and decided to stop them. Knowing that his customers would be excited about the idea, he gave them permission to sell Girl Scout cookies in front of the store.
Senn told reporters that he snapped a photo and posted it to the dispensary’s social media. A message was attached to drive interest. “Get some Girl Scout Cookies with your GSC today until 4 pm!” The reference to “GSC” is the name of a strain formally known as Girl Scout Cookies.
Girl Scout Leaders Say Rules Were Broken
San Diego Girl Scout Council spokesperson Mary Doyle said the organization is interested in identifying the girl in the photo. She believes troop rules were violated.
Doyle, however, did not come out and say directly that it was the girl’s presence in front of a marijuana dispensary that sparked controversy. But rather, it was the possibility that the girl was selling cookies in front of a “commercial location” that was the real issue.
“As Girl Scouts, we assume good intent,” Doyle told the Associated Press. “When we learn that a girl is in violation of a standard/guideline, we almost always discover that the parent was unaware of the rules.”
Girl Scout’s Confusing Rules
But the rules are confusing. Girl Scouts are infamous for selling cookies outside commercial locations. It is not uncommon to see cookie booths set up in front of grocery stores and other retail outlets.
Girl Scout chapters in other parts of the nation have embraced the concept of selling cookies outside dispensaries. It has been done since 2014 in other parts of California.
Girl Scout officials in other states have not frowned on this practice. In fact, until now, the only legal marijuana jurisdiction that was not okay with this method of munchie marketing is Colorado.
The Girl Scout chapter there says, “We don’t allow our Girl Scouts to sell cookies in front of marijuana shops or liquor stores/bars.”
Girl Scouts of the USA Is Okay With It
Even Girl Scouts of the USA hasn’t raised any hell over it. It says all of the decisions regarding the sale of cookies are put in the hands of local programs. That’s why trouble is brewing in San Diego.
As mentioned earlier this week in our coverage of this mighty scout, “If Republicans, Christians or even Satanists are running your local Girl Scout troop, chances are cookies sales and marijuana dispensaries are not going to mix.”
Apparently, we were right.
Final Hit: Is The Girl Scout Who Sold Cookies Outside A Dispensary In Trouble?
The San Diego Girl Scout Council says troops can sell just as many cookies by simply walking their neighborhoods. It claims other girls have sold twice as many boxes without a booth stationed at a retail location.
The organization plans to discuss the situation with the child’s parents. But if the girl sells cookies at another dispensary, she could lose her cookies sales awards.
The post Is The Girl Scout Who Sold Cookies Outside A Dispensary In Trouble? appeared first on High Times.

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