The Cannabis Business Awards 2017 Presented by Chloe Villano and Clover Leaf

The awards gala is celebrating the fifth year of legalization with a lineup of celebrities, NFL athletes and the best of the cannabis industry worldwide.
Since 2011, Chloe Villano and Clover Leaf have been producing the Cannabis Business Awards to celebrate cannabis professionals deserving of historical recognition and esteemed accolades for industry progression and innovation. The expectation for this year’s awards show is pure excitement as the celebration continues to flourish as a mainstay for the cannabis business community. Winning one of these awards can propel the course of a budding business or career exponentially.
The Cannabis Business Awards features industry power players including CEO and Founder Chloe Villano, an entrepreneur featured in People Magazine’s “Marijuana Millionaires.” As one of the first and most sought-after consultants in the industry, Villano was the first executive to receive full accredited approval from the Department of Higher Education for her cannabis school Clover Leaf University.
The show features an all-star lineup including NFL Super Bowl Champions Jim McMahon and Marvin Washington. Guest presenters include Stormy Simon, the former president of, and the popular Chief Greenbud, who combines country music with a contemporary pro-marijuana focus that appeals to listeners across genres and generations.
Nominees include 12-year-old Alexis Bortell, who is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions over the nation’s federal prohibition of medical marijuana and her access to medicine for her epilepsy. This deserving list of nominees also includes former NFL pass blocker Eugene Monroe, who ended his football career to join the fastest growing industry in America and become the lead advocate for medical cannabis research and policy reform in the NFL.
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“We need to honor the people and bring together the forces as we brace for legalization.” says Villano, CEO of Clover Leaf Consulting and the Cannabis Business Awards. “We have people coming in from all over the world for this awards show, and the cannabis businesses are in the spotlight. We are now celebrating 5 years of legalization. We are celebrating the visionaries that made this industry happen.”
Nominated industry leaders include:
Max Cohen, Managing Member & Owner, The Clinic
Rachel Gillette, Attorney at Law Specializing in Tax Law for Cannabis Companies
Ed Rosenthal famous grower and cultivation expert / Professor Clover Leaf University
Jordan Wellington, Vicente Sederberg LLC, Cannabis Regulatory Expert
Wanda James, Cannabis Global Initiative & Simply Pure
Nominated businesses and nonprofits include: Weedmaps who made over $1.5 million monthly last year; Diego Pellicer, a vertically integrated cannabis business now operating in two states; and NORML, which has actively fought for legalization for over 50 years.
This high-profile event will also honor industry professions and businesses fighting for women’s rights, equal opportunity and diversity, and patient rights in this multi-billion-dollar industry. Held at the spectacular Seawell Ballroom, attendees will celebrate with live music, red carpet interviews and top-level catering provided by Epicurean.
Event Information:
Date: Thursday, December 7, 2017
Time: Doors open at 6pm, show starts at 7:30pm
Location: Denver Performing Arts Complex, Seawell Ballroom
About the Awards
The Cannabis Business Awards are presented to cannabis industry businesses, individuals, and organizations in both medical and recreational sectors, as well as ancillary industries. Awards go to those deserving of historical recognition and esteemed accolades.
Award categories:
The Hope Award
Most Influential Individual Award
Cannabis Executive of the Year Award
Most Valuable Brand Award
Industry Organization of the Year Award
Activist of the Year Award
Advocate of the Year Award
Political Industry Representative of the Year Award
Non-Profit of the Year Award
Cannabis Business of the Year Award
Best Medical Center Award
Best Retail Center Award
Invention of the Year Award
Manager of the Year Award
Budtender of the Year Award
Best Flower Award
Best Extract Award
Best Edible Award
Best Infused Product Award
Best Hemp Product Award
Publication of the Year Award (Not Online)
Most Influential Media Source Award
Educational Achievement Award
Cultivation Achievement Award
Cannabis Woman of the Year Award
Lifetime Achievement Award
5 MVP Awards
You can see a list of all nominees at
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